Generation SKINS: Steal Their Skins Style

28 Jan

It seems like we’ve waited an age but tonight it’s back on our screens (E4 10pm). I am of course talking about the brilliant SKINS. What’s not to love? Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll….at the age of 16!

Series 4 see’s the return of last years gang: Cook, Freddie, JJ, Effy, Naomi, Pandora, Thomas, Emily and Katie aka The Skins second generation.

Pills n Thrills: oh how we loved Chris (series 1+2)

Here at Wardrobe we HEART Skins. We also heart the fashion on Skins (check out our Effy/Kaya Scodelario post from last year) especially how each characters personality is mirrored through their sense of style. In the first generation of Skins, you had Chris in his Acid Brights to reflect his fun-loving carefree attitude and Cassie in her feminine and eccentric outfits showing us her kooky and dreamy nature. From the second generation we’ve already seen Naomi’s androgynous mismatched style to Cook’s retro mod inspired look.

To welcome the return of Skins we’ve taken an even closer (but sneaky) look at the new series character style and how you can recreate their look for less…

Cook’s style can only be described as “mod inspired granddad chic…but cooler”.  In the last series his retro style consisted of Lyle and Scott polo shirts (top button buttoned), beige/stone/grey Farah slacks, knitted V neck jumpers and vintage sports jackets. This series his love for designer brands seems to have continued but above is how you can copy his style on the high street: Denim jacket @ Topman £40.00, Red Herring grandad jumper @ Debenhams was £20.00 now £15.00, Red polo shirt @ ASOS £14.00 and Grey Chino trousers @ Burtons £25.00

Aaaah Skins original style icon Effy Stonem, we predict major style envy once again! Last series we saw Effy totally rock the grungy biker look- think blacks, long tops worn as dresses, fishnet tights, chain necklaces and biker boots. We hope for more of the same this series! With grunge/rock chic a continuing trend this season the high street is full of “Effy-esque” pieces like above: Foil Print Skull Tee @ New Look £18.00, Grey acid Jeggings @ Miss Selfridge £24.00, Set of 7 bangles @ New Look £15.00, Row of chains necklace @ ASOS £15.00 and Black sequin swing top @  Miss Selfridge was £32.00 NOW £22.00

Lesbian twin Emily couldn’t be more different from her sister- in more ways than one. Emily’s preppy style is very sweet and cute with a twist- nothing like ‘Gossip Girl’ preppy. Her simple outfits are always full of colour (in particular coloured tights) and prints yet still remaining funky. To get her look: Buttoned ribbed vest @ Dorothy Perkins £12.00, Heart shaped watch necklace @ Urban Outfitters £24.00, Silk bow skirt @ New Look £25.00, Black brogues @ Dorothy Perkins £32.00 and Checked ruffle playsuit @ Topshop £50.00

Heart-throb Freddie got the girl in the last series and I’m sure his dress sense played a part in that! Freddie’s style is very much ‘skater boy’ with a little bit of indie thrown in- loose tees, zipped up hoodies, checked shirts, low-rise jeans, baggy shorts etc. His style may be casual but it certainly does not go unnoticed. Copy his style above: Dead Texas T-shirt @ Topman £14.00, Purple zipped up hoody @ Burton £18.00, Relaxed worker jean @ Burtons £35.00, Multi wrap bracelet @ Topman £6.00, Grey checked trilby @ Topman £16.00 and Gun metal dog tag necklace @ ASOS £8.00

Aaaw little JJ! At the end of series 3 we saw magic loving JJ’s confidence grow which will certainly be reflected in his series 4 wardrobe. Like the other Skins lads his look is also quite casual, hardly seen without his zipped up hoody and geometric print t-shirts. This series we’re expecting a bit more colour in JJ’s wardrobe as we can see from this sneaky picSoulCal zip up hoody @ Republic £29.99, King of Clubs t-shirt @ New Look £10.00, Red Herring straight leg jeans @ Debenhams was £25.00 NOW £18.75,  Blue Reindeer t-shirt @ River Island £25.00 and Casio digital timer watch @ ASOS £25.00

The other twin: Katie. Katie’s style has always been more brash than her twin sister Emily’s. The last series saw (ex?) WAG Katie in leopard and other bold prints and colours. Her look is more ‘sexier’ shall we say than the other Skins girls- as in more obvious sexy. With animal print another big trend during the filming of Skins we’re sure we’ll be seeing Katie in more leopard print pieces as well as her rocking the 80’s power dressing trend. Get Katie’s look: Studded denim corset (as seen on Katie) @ Lipsy was £35.00 NOW £20.00, Statement pearl necklace @ Miss Selfridge £30.00, Animal print tulip skirt @ A|Wear £25.00, Red Power sleeve tube dress @ Dorothy Perkins £22.00, Leopard print tights @ New Look £5.00, Knitted pearl crop jumper @ Topshop £40.00

When we were introduced to Naomi in the last series we couldn’t help but fall in love with her unique style. Her punky (Westwood inspired) androgynous outfits just looked effortlessly cool-just like the rest of the cast!- and she definitely pulled off clashing prints. Mixing tartan checks with flowers and stripes- she rocked them all well. We might LOL at her name (Naomi Campbell lol) but there’s nothing funny about her style. We hope to see more of her punky clashing style with a bit of noughties grunge thrown in: Tartan checked shirt @ Topshop £28.00, Floral print blazer @ ASOS £55.00, Love cropped tee @ Miss Selfridge £18.00, Wavy spotted shorts @ Topshop £35.00, Denim short dungarees @ ASOS £35.00 and Red Herring Black/grey stripe top @ Debenhams £11.00

Pandora’s style is probably one of the hardest Skins style to copy on the high street. Her style is very much “kiddish with lots of sweet quirky colourful  pieces”. In series 3 her outfits consisted of frog prints, 70’s style floral dresses, colourful tights, other weird animal/fruit printed pieces and soft pastel colours mixed with acid brights. Pandora’s outfits can only get brighter and crazier in series 4…her innocent clashing style is deffo one for the brave! Vintage/Charity shops and kids shops that do bigger sizes is where most of her last seasons wardrobe came from but here’s how you can get her look on the high street: Heart embroidered Cardi @ Miss Selfridge £32.00, Gingham floral drape skirt @ Topshop £25.00, 70’s paisley dress @ £35.00, Minnie Mouse tee @ and 3pk fruit socks @ New Look £4.00

Last but not least: Thomas. Last series Thomas’s style was very much thrown together, casual pieces with lots of layering. But we expect things will be different this series especially with him ‘working’ in the clubs. Series 4 will see Thomas’s style influenced by 80’s old skool (hip-hop) in particular retro sportswear and accessories: Monochrome checked scarf @ River Island £7.99, Nike reversible windrunner jacket @ JDsports £54.99, Records print t-shirt @ ASOS £10.00, Dark indigo bootcut jeans @ Topman £36.00 and blue trapper (dappy) hat @ New Look £5.00

Don’t forget the new series of Skins starts tonight (28th Jan 2010) 10pm on E4…. WE CAN’T WAIT!!

Which characters style gives you Wardrobe Envy?  Will you be tuning in tonight?

Skins images courtesy of, character style images compiled by Wardrobemag


7 Responses to “Generation SKINS: Steal Their Skins Style”

  1. Kayley Marchant January 28, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    Looooving Emily’s style the most if I do say so myself, some really good finds there as well missy – deffo recreated her look down to a T.
    I am totally in love with cook and enjoy him in a denim jacket, but prefer Freddie’s style overall me thinks…

    Loving the writing style too Miss Gill…

    Also loving Skins and glad to have Cook back on my screen!!!

  2. Angeeeee January 28, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    Well written post there Sun!
    Think i like Effys style best

  3. Tom Brown January 29, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    the girl with dyed red hair would DEFFO look better with like jet black hair. shes had a mare

  4. arisawake April 28, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    heart Effy’s the most! and luke’s hair <3

  5. SkinnySam January 12, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Cooks clothes are MINT!

  6. Jayson January 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    What brand is Cook’s V-Neck sweater that he wears underneath the red harrington jacket in most of the photoshoots? It’s like blue and white.

  7. Rachel March 12, 2011 at 2:51 am #

    Hi! I like girls’ style but I live in Canada so I would like to know where I can find those close!

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