Festival Special: Accessories

18 Jun

If you read our previous festival guide for this year, you’ll have a good idea about what essentials you’ll need. Everyone likes using festivals as an excuse to dress up, as I observed last year at Glastonbury 2010..

Giraffe boy

I also saw a lot of smurfs and lots of men in dresses.. course you might not want to take dressing up to that extreme, but there’s an array of cute headbands and jewellery you can add to your outfit for that extra festival vibe.

For my birthday, one of the presents fellow Wardrobe blogger Chloe got me was this headband, to wear at this year’s Glastonbury festival.


Yeah, glimpse of my heavily decorated wall!

I love how it looks in my dark hair and it’s made me have a look at what other accessories I can get for the festival.

Feather hoop earrings, £10, Topshop

Rose headdress, £110, Bitching and Junkfood

I am absolutely in love with that headdress and would buy it if I could! The Inca headdress on the website is fantastic too, but sold out. I can see why!

Brown Speckle Feather Headdress, £16,99, River Island

Anna Lou of London broken heart necklace, £17.47, Accessories Online.co.uk

Heart peace sign, £14, Urban Outfitters

Cut out Cross ring, £10, ASOS

As you can see, I’m lusting after the feather headdresses and accessories! I’ve got a few days shopping before Glastonbury will kick off so who knows, maybe a few more things will end up in my shopping basket!

What would be your perfect accessory for a festival?


One Response to “Festival Special: Accessories”

  1. Sherin June 19, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    I’m loving feathers for festivals right now. Those feathered earrings are gorgeous. I’m on the look out for feather hair extensions.

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