Tonight, I’m a Rock & Roll Star

5 Aug

Just a quick post to remind everyone my latest post for the Truffleshuffle blog is up. My theme for the post this month was “Rock Chick” and boy did I have fun having a crack at it.

I absolutely loved styling up my various tees all from the ‘Amplified‘ label which is sold on Truffleshuffle. Amplified mainly produce the coolest, motherfunkin music tees around, so when I was asked to do this theme I just had to pick from their range.

My choice of tee was this AC\DC “Back In Black” lyric tshirt, one of my fave rock anthems. Like I mention on the blog I got carried away and busted out my own Amplified tees which I had previously bought a few years ago now. But this just shows that retro tees, and music/band tees in particular will never go out of fashion. In fact, they are an investement!

Here's my 2nd outfit on the post. There's a total of 4 on the blog!

This particular outfit is styled with a black midi skirt (check out Stephs post on midi skirts) and some high punky heels. The rest of my look is made up of accessories; from my Skull print headband (current season Topshop), multi-chain necklace, a skull knuckle duster clutch and stacked gold rings. Check out the cringey pose! haha

There are three more outfits on the post. Click here to have a look. I’d love to get your thoughts on them? How would you have styled them etc?

Meanwhile, here’s a few music tees on Truffleshuffle for you all (and me) to lust over. Too cool i’m telling ya…

Amplified Vintage "AC/DC" Graffiti tshirt £25.00


Amplified Vintage "Imagine" lyric tee £25.00

Chaser LA slouch "Nirvana" tshirt £45.00

Junk Food "Beatles" tank vest £26.99

Amplified Vintage "David Bowie" tshirt £20.00

Amplified Vintage "Rolling Stones" Diamante tshirt £30.00

Amplified Vintage "Guns N Roses" foil print vest £20.00

Amplified Vintage "Ramones" tshirt £20.00

2 Responses to “Tonight, I’m a Rock & Roll Star”

  1. Sherin August 5, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    All the t-shirts look so cool. I love the GnR tank. I’m on the hunt for perfect ‘rock’ tees.

  2. Fashionismyh2o August 5, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Gahhh you torture me! I love band-t’s I’ve got a few already and that Nirvana one is now BEGGING to be added to the collection dammit. You look amazing in yours :) love what you teamed it with!


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