Photography, Fame and Fortune.

26 Aug

Me getting papped by our friend Kelly on the shoot!

Photography has always been a hobby of mine since I can remember. Even as a little girl I was always pappin’ whether it was on my polaroid camera or one of those old skool film ones.  

I didn’t always want to do Journalism at uni. I really wanted to do Photography but thought Journalism would be more beneficial in regards to a stable and paid career (HA). But on my course we got to do some photography in our Photojournalism module and it was there that I bought myself a DSLR- I miss student loans :(

Since then i’ve been regularly using my camera snapping anything and everything. I’m not a professional but it’s something I really enjoy. You can check out my Flickr page here. So anyway, when Truffleshuffle asked me if I had any ideas on how to feature some Men’s t-shirts, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get behind the camera for once. I suggested doing a mini photoshoot for the summer and well here it is!

You can see my post on the shoot and items used on the official blog titled- Fame and Fortune with Truffleshuffle. My ‘models’ are all kitted out in totally awesome ‘Fame and Fortune’ tees which is an exclusive brand to Truffleshuffle. The post on the Truffleshuffle blog has all the nitty gritty details such as links to the items and more info on the brand so read it! I thought for this blog post instead of going over what I wrote for TS, I’d tell you more about the day itself and some unpublished photographs.

So once I had the go-ahead for the shoot it was time to get organising. To be honest, it wasn’t the easiest thing to plan (let’s just say we had a few problems) but eventually with a little help from my friends we got there! To cut a long and stressful story short we decided to hold the shoot in Hanley Park, Stoke-On-Trent which was our local park when we were at uni. Aaah memories. I managed to persuade the other Wardrobe girls to take part although Chloe decided that a holiday to Marbz was more important (love you really!). Getting my male friends involved wasn’t as easy as I thought but step forward Alex, Anthony and Kieran!

A fit bunch in their 'Fame and Fortune' tees.

Don’t they all look like true professionals? As Truffleshuffle is a cool retro brand, I wanted the photos to represent that. I also didn’t want it to be a pretentious shoot which is why I thought a park was a great location. More importantly, I wanted everyone to have fun! And you know what I think they did…

Steph, Kie and Bhav

Kie, Ant & Alex doing their Sporty Spice impressions...

Why so serious? Only Bhav seems to be enjoying this one...

Alex and Bhav

Seriously loving the t-shirts, I know the guys were happy with them too.  We were blessed with some sunshine which was a relief. Imagine doing a summer shoot in the pouring rain? I’m sure my models wouldn’t have put up with it… To be fair to them they have done an exceptional job. I know some of them weren’t feeling so fresh on the day *cough Wardrobe girls* but they look boss and they all did what I told them too- ahh yeah!

Kie showing off his B-ballin skillz

It was acceptable in the 80s- Bhav attempting to crack the Rubik's cube

Steph manages to do a handstand!

Alex looking totally cool in his Goonies tee. LOVE THE GOONIES

Do one Tom Cruise. There's a new Maverick in Town.

I literally took like 500 photos and I wish I could show you them all but erm that’s long blud. These are just a snippet of my faves that I sent to Truffleshuffle. I’m so glad they liked them, it meant a lot to me. Who knows maybe there could be a winter shoot on the cards?…

Steph's forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air...

The Mac Daddy make ya... JUMP JUMP!

The Stafford boys having trouble balancing!

And that's a wrap...

There you have it. Just some of my photographs from my Truffleshuffle summer shoot. A massive thank you to everyone at TS for their help in making this happen and of course for supplying the t-shirts. Once again, I couldn’t have done this without my models so thanks mateys! I’ve now appointed myself as their agent so any modelling opps for them then get in touch ;) I couldn’t have done this with the help of all my friends- you know who you are. Much appreciated.

What do you think of the photographs? Do you think the boys have potential modelling careers? Also what do you think of the t-shirts? Let me know!

All images on this post were taken by Wardrobe Mag for Please do not use them unless you have permission from Truffleshuffle.


2 Responses to “Photography, Fame and Fortune.”

  1. daisychain August 27, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    I have so much love for truffleshuffle! I am jealous.

  2. Kelly August 29, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Love the pics. Was a fab day, even if we were suffering! Xx

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