WIWT Launches Tomorrow

14 Sep

For those of you who have been following blogger Poppy Dinsey’s blog ‘What I Wore Today’ will already know about the new launch of her social network site based on her fab blog.

WIWT's Poppy Dinsey pictured in the Daily Mail

‘What I Wore Today’ will allow users to upload photos of their outfits to the site and share them with the world. This isn’t a site just for bloggers but anyone- male or female, can use it. What makes this network site different is that users can tag their garments on the photo’s so other users can click on them and buy it themselves. No more plucking up the courage to ask somebody where they bought that item from…unless they’re a cute guy then that is always a good conversation starter.

But what I like about the site is that users can also tag for example; where you’re from (so in my case Walsall), what they’re doing (watching football on the telly) and how you’re feeling (slightly annoyed that Ryan Giggs just scored-Liverpool fan innit). If other users want to see outfits by people who are ‘slightly annoyed that Ryan Giggs just scored’ then they can! Although currently i’m wearing my PJ’s and a leopard print dressing gown so I’m not sure how well that’s gonna go down with fashion lovers.

There are many more features to this network site that makes it very tempting to use. The one thing that puts me off posting pictures of my outfits on this blog, never mind anywhere else on the internet is personal photographs. I can never find someone to take my pic (a professional shot) or that I always seem to look rough (ugh). However, there is a free iPhone app being launched too so you can upload photos directly from your phone. So I can cut my face off or hide it with my phone and not be judged for taking those mirror shots-ar yeah buddy! Just gotta make sure the mirror is clean though, nobody likes seeing a dirty mirror do they?

Without sounding like a bit of a kn*b, Poppy Dinsey is one of my fave bloggers. I like that her outfits are always different and that she is very funny- especially on twitter. When we were sent an exclusive preview of the site, I had to go on it to have a look. And to be honest I was impressed. I like the layout of it and it doesn’t feel like an exclusive site just for those serious fashionistas who think they’re too cool for school.

As I mentioned earlier, the idea of WIWT was a result of 24-year-old Poppy’s personal blog with the same name. Poppy started her daily outfit blog as a New Year’s Resolution on January 1st 2010 and since then she has still been posting daily getting over 250,000 visitors per month.

Of her new venture, Poppy states, “I started the blog as a bit of a personal challenge to make me wear more of the clothes I already owned, but within a few weeks of my first post I was being sent pictures of other people’s outfits and they were asking to be featured on the site. It wouldn’t have made sense to have the odd guest post, but I quickly realised there was a demand for other people to be able to join in the fun.  The idea for the social network was born and now it’s finally ready to show the world.

“WIWT certainly isn’t the first outfit sharing site, but we’ve built this site with accessibility in mind. Users can award the outfits they like gold stars, but we haven’t gone down the route of rating outfits out of ten as this can open the flood gates to cattiness. And we’re not asking our users to pose on a disused railway line in their grandmother’s antique lace tablecloth which they’ve fashioned into a natty dress, we’re happy with photos of tracksuits taken on a camera phone in the mirror. In fact, over half of the outfits currently on the site have been self-portraits taken with camera phones which is why we’ve been so keen to launch the iPhone app.”

The network site and the iPhone app both launch tomorrow (15th September). To view the site click on www.wiwt.com 

From tomorrow you can still check out Poppy’s previous blog which has been archived and now called http://whatpoppywore.com/

I’m looking forward to seeing how it fares over the next few weeks especially with London Fashion Week coming up. Just by browsing the exclusive beta version of the site I’ve spotted a few items that are on my ‘Wardrobe Wishlist’- in particularly “Ailish from Surrey’s” ASOS cardigan- love it!

Let us know what you think of this new social network site? Have you signed up?

Images courtesy of Poppy Dinsey (via Daily Mail) and WIWT

Source: Paula Barret


2 Responses to “WIWT Launches Tomorrow”

  1. Eve Maria September 14, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    I’m on WIWT (under evemariadust), I think it has the potential to be a really addictive site, especially when the iphone app launches! Poppy is one of my fave bloggers too, she has a really wicked sense of humour. :)

  2. Top Style Advice September 16, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    What am i going to do with all these addictive sites!! They keep bringing them out lol!!

    Come and enter my giveaway!! :)



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