Sarenza ‘Pure British Style’ picks

6 Oct

Growing up I was a right tomboy. My wardrobe consisted of combats, trainers and Liverpool FC shirts. Then one day I realised that there was a fashion life outside of JJB sports with clothes and shoes that made me look and feel nicer.

Imagine that.

With my wardrobe much improved by the time I got to university there was something still missing. I was terrified of one thing: walking in heels. It took me a long time to incorporate heels into my wardrobe and even then they were hardly worn.

I’d often ask that age old question to our Steph “how do I walk in heels without looking like a fool?” And she would try her best to help me pluck up the courage to test the theories out. Even though I was more confident in walking in small heels it wasn’t until a certain event in December last year that would change my (fashion) life…

Through Wardrobe many opportunities arise that would never have if it wasn’t for the blog. The Sarenza high heel race was one of them. “Running a race in heels, are you having a bubble?” was my first reaction when we were offered the chance to submit our own team to the race. You’re asking a girl who can barely walk in heels to RUN in them, no way. But breaking my ankle seemed a small price to pay for a free trip to beautiful Paris.

Showing off our heels at the race dressed punky

So it was decided, I was going to ‘take one for the team’ and run the race. Just like Rocky Balboa I trained every day before the big race. By training I mean running up and down my living room wearing 4 inch heels. To cut a very long (and probably boring) story short the day of the big race came and neither me or the other girls fell/broke our ankles…or won haha. But the whole experience was amazing and since then I’ve become a pro in the art of wearing heels.

More heels have been added to my collection and I even wear them in the day! I have also found myself acquiring a shoe fetish as all I do now is look at shoes. Even the ones with the ridiculous heels. So when Sarenza launched an EPIC competition to win £800 worth of shoes through a blog post, it seemed silly not to do it.

I had the tough task of browsing through the website looking for A/W shoes that would hopefully one day be mine…God what a hard life I lead! Now what better way to be inspired for a ‘Pure British Style’ theme than the typical British weather…time to update my winter shoe wardrobe! Nearly fell “A over T” earlier cos it was raining :(

British Punk: Well we did rock up at the high heel race in punk attire in tribute to the British punks of the 70s. There is nothing I love more than dressing tough and grungy during autumn/winter. Slouchy knits, lots of black and fingerless gloves. I love these Ralf by Ash boots! Check out the studs *wipes dribble from chin*

Lace Up Heels: Still touching on my British Punk theme, I had to have some more lace up boots. I may not be able to tie my own laces (no biggie) but i’m obsessed with them. Flats, wedges or heels- I’ll have them all! I might be in the minority but A/W is my favourite season for fashion. The shoes above are perfect for the day time but these bad boys are spot on for a night out. Pizzo by Janet & Janet please come into my life like now.

Heritage Boots: When I’m not trying too hard to be a moody punk wannabe, I like to try out other trends. One trend I really want to try this season is the heritage trend. I have my heritage checked trousers and a quilted jacket but all i’m missing is a pair of shoes. These Natacha by Les Tropeziennes Par M Belarbi are the riding boots I was looking for. Love the buckle detail. Tally Ho!

Native Navajo: Okay so I’m totes not sticking to the ‘British style’ theme here but for a couple of years I’ve always wanted some suede fringed boots just like these Esmaria by Chocolate Schubar ones ever since I saw Kate Moss in some. The ‘Native/Navajo’ trend often reappears so I know these beauty’s will be an investment. I can see myself wearing these with an aztec poncho- c’mon!

Last but not least….

Disco 2000: Calling my latest subject after a Pulp song is probably as British as this theme will get. However, Christmas time is coming up and it is the season to be jolly…and these heels do bring me that very feeling. How FIT are these Whirl by Dune heels? I’m in love. I don’t own any glitter heels but I feel like these could be ‘the one.’ I can wear these for future parties…or maybe even another Sarenza high heel race!

So there you have it. I think i’m just under my £800 budget. I hope you guys like this post, and who knows maybe I can one day have these shoes in my wardrobe…



4 Responses to “Sarenza ‘Pure British Style’ picks”

  1. daisychain October 7, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    those glitter shoes are amazing.

    • wardrobemag October 9, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

      I know! I can’t stop thinking about them since I picked them. Fingers crossed I win otherwise I may have to just be PURE skint this season but have fit shoes hehe!

      Sunny x

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