WIOW: More T Vicar?

20 Nov

It’s no secret that I’m a Twitter junkie. Even if I had zero followers, it wouldn’t stop me from writing random tweets. I just like writing- it must be the journalist in me.

So a few a months ago, t-shirt website MoreTvicar wanted people to tweet them a 140 character review of the new Inbetweeners film. So I obliged. Love The Inbetweeners- and the film is major LOLZ.  As a result of that they let me pick any t-shirt off the site and I once again obliged.

Not gonna lie, I did feel like I was slightly betraying Truffleshuffle.com but More T vicar have different ranges of tees so I thought I’d opt for one that I Truffleshuffle didn’t stock.

It didn’t take me long to find a t-shirt. In fact, nothing else could have topped this one…

“Goodie Two Sleeves: I Shoot People” t-shirt. For someone who loves photography, I just had to have this tee. It’s quite funny too, my kind of humour! I’ve bought many ‘Goodie Two Sleeves’ t-shirts before so I knew it would be a good material and fit. Oh and excuse the awkward posing- now that it isn’t sunny, I can’t hide behind my sunglasses. Criiiinge. No idea how other bloggers do outfit pics everyday!

Think this tee is going to be my new papping t-shirt. My shoulder has started to cause me trouble again so I’ve had to postpone my little outdoor photography sessions which I am gutted about. I really want to go pap the leaves on the floor, the lights and I need to get some ‘November Rain’ shots!

I wore the t-shirt with my rusty orange/red coloured jeans from Next. I love the colour of these jeans, slightly different from all the other berry, red coloured jeans on the high street. I’ve started a right collection of coloured jeans lately, still need some proper red jeans in my life though. Just a shame all the ones I find are too bloody tight!

All this talk of clothes and photography makes me want to go shopping and get my pap on…the two things I can’t really do at the moment. Sad times!

What do you think of MoreTvicar? If you have a photography blog/flickr then link me, I love looking at people’s photographs :)

Images taken and copyrighted by Wardrobemag.com


3 Responses to “WIOW: More T Vicar?”

  1. wardrobemag November 21, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Love it, you deffo shoot people a lot!

    Bhav x

  2. Sherin November 21, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    Looks great!! I need more t-shirts in my life like this.

  3. cecilia November 24, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    I love this t shirt!!! i crave it …BADLY!

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