Urban Village Stylist Takeover: Part 2

24 May

This seems like such a long time ago now but before I jetted off on my holidays, I was also invited by Urban Village to take part in a vintage shoot just like the one Bhav did. Although it was quite short notice (as was my holiday!) I had already decided what my theme was going to be.

I’ll be honest, even though I go along with the other Wardrobe girls to all these vintage shops up and down the country, I never buy anything. Mainly because I’m a little OCD  about cleanliness (weirdo) but also because I find vintage shops quite overwhelming.

So I was a little bit worried I wouldn’t be able to find things for the shoot but I had nothing to fear.

Urban Village is a vintage shop that I’ve been to before with the other girls. It was my first port of call when I was looking for a Harrington jacket as it has such a mod feel. (I did find Harrington jackets but they were waaaaaay to big for me boo!)

The shop is situated in The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the shop from Birmingham New Street and if you love your vintage then this is the area to go shopping in.

As the shop specialises in 60’s and 70’s vintage fashion, I decided to pick a theme from those eras. I knew straightaway that I was going to pick a theme that probably none of the other stylists taking over would pick- and so far I don’t think anybody has!

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…Pretty Vacant!

Pretty Vacant

Yep I couldn’t resist going all Punk for the shoot. I just love the whole Punk era and attitude which I’ve explained on the Urban Village Blog.

You can also see my video on there too. With the Jubilee coming up it was only right to stick ‘God Save The Queen’ over it haha.

Over-sized shirt tied at the bottom…

All the items I’m wearing I picked out from the shop (apart from my tights obvs). God that was fun. The staff were dead nice as was Rachael from Tiger Bam Productions who invited me down for the shoot.

So for the shoot I picked out an oversize Wrangler tartan sleeveless shirt, a pair of Levis cut offs, some black lace up shoes, red sunglasses, a bad ass leather jacket and a black side bag. I also accessorised my shirt with a ‘class of 1977’ badge which I found on the board and some safety pins which I borrowed from behind the till.

I was happy with my look as it was more or less what I had in mind when I was choosing my theme. Now I’m aware I’m not a model so my facial expressions do seem quite awkward BUT oh lord was it freezing!! I think my nose was running at one point and I didn’t have a tissue- narsty. But I soldiered on during those extreme conditions and did the best I could. I think the pics haven’t come out THAT bad considering?

It was a cold and windy day!

I really enjoyed the shoot and felt at ease all day. I also really liked my outfit…so much so I bought the shirt and shorts! Naughty me. My very first vintage buys though. I’ve been converted!

Do check out the video on their blog and also the other ‘stylist takeover‘ videos which feature blogging friends of ours. Everyone has picked out different themes from Hollywood glamour to Mad Men. It also shows how versatile Urban Village is as a vintage shop.

The filth and the fury! Sorry mum…

I’m really glad I chose the Punk theme. Although bringing out my inner punk always means I end up getting lairy and showing everyone my finger. *sad face* I like to get into character you see!

I can’t wait to go back and have a rummage. I may even have to dig out the outfit (and my attitude) for the Jubilee…

What do you think of my Punk theme? What theme would you have picked?

Images courtesy of the Urban Village blog


One Response to “Urban Village Stylist Takeover: Part 2”

  1. Sherin May 25, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Loving the punk look! It looks so great. The shirt looks great!

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