And The Winner of our Birthday Blog Comp Is…

28 Jun

Not you John Terry.

Sorry a little football joke there.

Yes the winners of our amazing blog birthday competitions are:

Blog: Emma L Clarke

Facebook: Nicola Harrison

Twitter: ‘Stacey’ @MissDaintyDoll

Congratulations you guys!!

We’ve had some ACE answers to our blog competition and I know it was really hard for the Truffleshuffle guys to pick one. We certainly couldn’t have!

But Emma L Clarke your answer to the question: “If you could be a character from any TV/Film/Book/Comic/song – who would you be and why?” Willy Wonka…the guy owns a chocolate factory, need I say more? I would eat my own body weight in caramel creams daily and have Oompa Loompas at my beck and call, fetching and carrying for me. I wouldn’t worry about putting on weight either – I’d get all the exercise I need by swimming in a lake of velmet smooth chocolate. Bliss!

…was chosen by Truffleshuffle to win the set of t-shirts worth £100!

Our Facebook and Twitter winners Nicola Harrison (who can now buy her Spooks of Bottle Bay tee!) and @MissDaintyDoll aka Stacey were chosen via to win a £25 Truffleshuffle voucher each.

If our winners would be so kind enough to email us on wardrobemag[at]hotmail[dot]com with their names and contact details then we’ll take it from there!

We just wanted to thank ALL of you who entered whether it was via a blog comment, Twitter and Facebook. We’re really sorry you couldn’t all win *sad face* but hopefully we’ll have more competitions and giveaways in the future so keep an eye out.

Also thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. Your support and interest keeps the blog going and we are hugely grateful for that. Hopefully all our new followers will enjoy what the blog has to offer :)

Wardrobe would like to give a special thank you to the guys at Truffleshuffle who were generous enough to help us out to bring you this amazing competition. We really couldn’t have done this without them! They’ve made this a birthday to remember for sure. Even if you didn’t win, keep checking their social media pages as they love offering their fans a freebie/discount codes. They also do the BEST t-shirts ever. Don’t we know it!

Once again big Wardrobe Love to you all,

Sunny, Steph, Bhav and Chloe (aka The Wardrobe Ladies)

One Response to “And The Winner of our Birthday Blog Comp Is…”

  1. mary barton June 28, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    well done winners x

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