Pretty Green with Menswear Style

24 Nov

It’s no secret that I am a massive Oasis fan. Their songs are brilliant but it was the whole package of the band especially the Gallagher brothers.  I was in awe of them growing up: the whole Rock & Roll lifestyle, the Manc swagger etc

They were just cool as F***!

I was so happy I got to see them live a fews week before Noel left. I would have been devastated otherwise! Since ‘Oasis’ split up, I’ve still kept a keen interest in the Gallagher brothers especially Liam’s foray into fashion. My first post on Wardrobe was actually about Liam Gallagher’s new clothing label, Pretty Green which you can read about here! So when heard that a Pretty Green store had opened in Birmingham, I had to go and have a browse. I was kindly invited to the official launch party which was great by the way. You can read about the clothing on my guest post over at Menswear Style.

Pretty Green in Birmingham- My guest post over at

You should Definitely Maybe, check it out. Meanwhile here are some photos from the launch party that I took. The band in the photos are called ‘Black Market Empire‘. They are definitely worth a listen. It was a great set by them and I haven’t stopped playing the CD they gave me of their new singles (cheers for that btw guys!).

Black Market Empire in Pretty Green, Bullring Birmingham

I heart The Beatles too!


The Pretty Green Birmingham Bullring Staff with Eugene McGuinness :)

Thank you to Pretty Green Birmingham for inviting me to the launch and my goody bag :) Fingers crossed for a ladies wear range soon!

All photographs are taken and copyrighted by Wardrobe Mag


One Response to “Pretty Green with Menswear Style”

  1. Hearts&Crosses December 7, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    It looks absolutely amazing!! I’d love to get invited to things like this, jealous


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