About Us

Welcome to Wardrobe, our fashion blog. We are Steph, Sunny, Bhavna and Chloe: four Journalism graduates and friends with a mutual love for fashion. We’re based in London, Cheshire & The West Midlands.

Wardrobe was our brainchild at university (Steph came up with the name *high five* but that’s the only credit she’s getting!) and two years later (2009), the blog was formed.

The four of us write about what’s in our Wardrobes, what we wish was in our Wardrobes!, celebrity styles, high street/vintage/designer fashion as well as the latest news and trends in fashion & beauty.

The blog is a way of sharing our passion for fashion with you all so we hope you enjoy reading it!


Age 27

Describe your style It’s hard to describe, but I’d say I’m pretty eclectic in my style of clothes and I tend to just buy whatever I like and try and make it work. It depends on my mood and where I’m going, but I often wear grungy tees and leggings or a funky frock and super high heels.

Style Icons? I would say Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I know there has been the odd disaster with MK, but overall I think they’re both so stylish and they wear whatever they want.

Whose celeb wardrobe would you like to raid? – I would love to raid Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe, I’ve seen her in so many outfits, both casual and dressy. And she has some amazing shoes and bags! I wouldn’t mind looking through SJP’s, just for all the designer bits and SATC freebies.

Fave item in your wardrobe – Ok so they’re not exactly in my wardrobe, but DEFINITELY my Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. I love them, even more than my boyfriend who gave them to me! (Hope he doesn’t read this)

Most expensive item in your wardrobe – Aside from the boots, my Marc Jacobs stam bag. Even though I got it on ebay, it’s still the most expensive thing I own, which is why it stays hidden away alot!

Fave store – Obviously Topshop, because they are really up to date with trends and it’s not TOO expensive. But I also like Warehouse, River Island, Matalan and Asos. And I love love love All Saints.

Fashion Faux Pas – Probably the 90’s when I thought it was cool to dress like a boy, which included frequently taking my brother’s clothes hostage! Not good.


Age 26

Describe your style– I’d say it was quite casual. You will usually find me wearing jeans accompanied by a retro tee. I do love a good print so don’t be surprised if you see me wearing something stripey, checked or leopard. I also love the nautical trend and am rarely seen without an anchor in sight!

Style Icons?– I really like Alexa Chung’s style but sadly I don’t think i’d pull it off quite so well! However, I love the whole boho/rock chick vibe from the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Fearne Cotton.

Whose Celeb wardrobe would you like to raid?- This is a toughie but I’m going to go for Kate Moss as I think she does have a great wardrobe . I’d also like to steal all of Nicole Richie’s McQueen Skull scarves :)

Fave item in your wardrobe– Currently loving my black lace up work boots. I wear them with practically everything. In fact they’re so worn out they look like they could have been brought in the Victorian times!

Most expensive item in my wardrobe– My Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf  just edges my Oasis leather biker jacket.

Fave store I love the High Street and I usually just mix and match from the different shops. I can always rely on Dorothy Perkins and New Look so I’d go with that but my fave online shop is definitely truffleshuffle.com. It’s a t-shirt lovers paradise!

Fashion Faux Pas I can’t think of something that really stands out but I was a big fan of ‘sportswear’ when I was younger and I would try and wear at least one item everyday even if it didn’t go with my outfit.


 Age 26

Describe your style I don’t really have a definitive style. Comfort is one the most important things to me when buying clothes, so jeans and a t-shirt suit me fine. My style changes with my mood I suppose. I do like getting dressed up when I go out and have loads of LBD’s.

Style Icons? I don’t have one person whose style I idolise and copy but I always think that Dita Von Teese looks great whatever she wears. And I love her shoes!

Whose celeb wardrobe would you like to raid?- I’d love to raid Mischa Barton’s wardrobe because I think she’s got a really great casual style and she always seems to dress effortlessly.

Fave item in your wardrobe  My red Converse trainers are definitely my favourite. They used to belong to my older sister, so they’re actually over ten years old, but they’re in great condition and I refuse to stop wearing them until they have a hole in the bottom and my feet get wet in the rain. I consider them vintage!

Most expensive item in my wardrobe A purple strapless dress from Monsoon which I bought for my Summer Ball. I’ve never bought anything expensive like that but it was for a special occasion and I saw it as an investment for the future. I will find a way to wear it again, even if I don’t wear it for a couple of years yet. Lets hope I stay the same size till then.

Fave store It has to be Topshop. They always have something in there for everyone in my opinion. I know Topshop could seem like a “trendy” shop, but  everything I’ve bought from there is something I’ve worn regardless of what’s in at the moment. I always try to buy things from there that will last through any season. Urban Outfitters is a close favourite though.

Fashion Faux Pas Anything I wore when I was younger and had no control over what I wore!


Age 26

Describe your style I like to keep my look quite smart/ casual in little shift dresses, blouses and shorts. I love anything kitsch, polka dots, leopard print, glittery or gold – tacky to some, a must-have for me!

Style Icons? I don’t have a specific style icon, but i’m envious of people like Alexa Chung who look effortlessly stylish no matter what they wear.

Whose celeb wardrobe would you like to raid?- I’d love to raid Lily Allen’s wardrobe to nab some of her Chanel bags and shoes!

Fave item in your wardrobe  I don’t know if I could narrow it down to just one item but at the moment I love my Miss KG black shoes with a leopard print wedge heel!

Most expensive item in my wardrobe Probably one of my coats, but I’m a bit of a bargain hunter at heart.

Fave store A mix between River Island and H&M.

Fashion Faux Pas Skirt-trousers, string vests…I’ve had a few!

8 Responses to “About Us”

  1. MJ July 1, 2009 at 8:10 pm #

    I just have to say this blog is rad dudes!

    • Mark Petchy July 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm #

      I have to agree, it really opened my eyes to fashion.

  2. David Slee July 1, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    This blog deserves to be published as a magazine and circulated UK wide

  3. Style Birmingham March 4, 2010 at 5:49 pm #


    I thought that you might be interested in receiving some information about Style Birmingham’s latest campaign, ‘A Beautiful Day.’

    Style Birmingham is working with a number of retailers across Birmingham including Toni & Guy, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Clinique, Nails Inc and Estee Lauder to help offer a fabulous pampering packages for Mother’s Day or indeed if people feel like pampering themselves.

    The idea is that people can tailor a pampering package for their ‘Beautiful Day’ which would then take place on Friday 19th March. They could for example start their day with a fabulous hour long wash, cut and blow dry at Benjamin Ryan Hair then head across to Chanel for a professional make-up session before finishing their day with Afternoon Tea at House of Fraser all for only £49 pounds.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information on 0121 236 2132.

    I look forward to hopefully speaking with you soon.

    Kind regards,

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  6. Charlotte January 25, 2013 at 11:43 am #

    Hey there,

    From one blogger to another, I’d like to extend an invitation your way to a launch party on Thursday 31st January for Curvaceous. Our project is a magazine for predominantly plus size women and it’s a wonderful way to bring people with a mutual love for everything fashionable, together in one place.

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